Monday, November 8, 2010

This post may contain "churchy" feelings!

A Single Voice

Just like my first graders need to be praised and know they are doing a good do I. I need to be reminded that just because I am single and dating is not going on right now, or really, ever, for that matter....I need to know that Im still great. And Thank you Sister Oaks for reminding me. My friend invited me to a fireside that Sister Kristen Oaks spoke at. She got married in her fifties and in her book "A Single Voice", tells of the trials and joys of being single in a family- oriented religion. She was hilarious and darling as can be. I went up afterwards to thank her for her message, and she was so sweet and interested in me. She wanted me to go over and meet Elder Oaks. During her talk, Elder Oaks was sitting amongst the audience. She made him stand up, and introduced him as her date. What a great and admirable couple! She said, "When I was single, I had no specific agenda. I could pop popcorn in the microwave at one in the morning and do my thing. "Now, she says, Elder Oaks keeps us on a tight schedule. Enjoy your single life. " She laughs, and says, just enjoy it!"
PS I got the picture from google and I didn't put the manly and womanly title....Just so ya know!

Liken the scriptures

So a girls testimony reminded me about this moment....The last day before we went off track, I had store in my classroom. The students are to earn 15 Bear Bucks in order to buy at our store. And let me tell you, I have some amazing stuff....Thanks to the Dollar Store. Some were sad because they hadn't earned enough, others were overjoyed because they could buy multiple items. One girl came to me and asked if she had enough to buy something. She had 13 Bear Bucks. I knew what a hard worker this girl was. I told her she could buy one thing. Happily she went on her way.
The Savior will always make up the difference when we come up short. We can never measure up perfectly. BUT. If we are diligent and faithful and try our best, with Him by our side, we can achieve what we want. I also thought of the Parable of the 10 Virgins. When my students who didn't earn enough bear bucks were sad, I was thinking about the other five virgins who were not prepared. This sounds so silly, I know, but just keep reading.... the students know when store is. They know how to earn money. They know what is expected of them. Sometimes we know, but we don't DO. and that causes us pain on our part. See what Im learning in first grade! next post will be on what I have been doing while I've been off track....CrAftinG!


Melanie Medaris said...

You are so cute Kaija! I love your blog. You are so very crafty. I love all of your decorations. I can't believe you watch The Middle too. I love that show. So funny. Brick makes me laugh so much.