Friday, July 23, 2010

Who wants to go Campin'

Come to MY CLASSROOM! My wonderful, patient, loving, kind, toleration of me and my anxiousness, sweet parents helped me create a coZy, woodsy, classroom. It MAY or may not be the envy of every teacher at Midas Creek!

Here are the BEFORE pictures:

After tracing, chalking, cutting, stressing, sorting, moving, cleaning, Did I mention stressing? We finally put the room in order. Here she is now!

The desks of my TWENTY SEVEN students. Yep. 27. Why some of the teachers have 22- I am not so sure.At least new students won't be coming into MY class during the year!

This is a place for "Campers" to read. The rocks have our 5 Guidelines on them...(the Rules.) I can't take ANY credit for the fire...all my mom. She used it in HER class

Below is a curriculum map of what we will cover this year. Parents love this kind of stuff :)

I was in charge of tracing the animals, my mom chalked them. She won't let me use her "good" chalk. Just kidding! I wasn't that great at it..she's a pro.

My calendar...idea is from MY first grade teacher, Mrs. Conklin. She actually came and helped me put it up! Thanks to the cricut all my circles are perfectly round. I made cute little seasonal pictures for each holiday! Will show ya as the months change!

foresty scene at "together time." My dad spent quite a long time taking the Christmas lights off the "professionally lit" tree.

My heroes who I couldn't have done it without. They know ALL in the Education field. Get it- our Moos't fantastic work- and there's a moose! Six year olds won't get it though!

My territory!

My camping themed sign- yep those most certainly are s'mores.

Mystery Camper: Every week we will get clues from a camper in the class. By Friday they are revealed! Their parents come and talk about them and everyone loves it!

So there it is! It's what I have been working on for the past month or so! Now that the room looks good, maybe it will fool the parents and make them think I know exactly what I am doing!
Oh lastly, here is my Bulletin Board. The kids will receive a little pom-pom at orientation.

One last thing, as I was putting crayons and pencils into each tote tray...this is what I thought of- Meg Ryan may love a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils,

but I love the newly sharpened- non broken crayons! Bet it won't last a week!


Little Moe-Ments said...

What a fantastic room for your little people to spend their first grade year in. I love how much care you took in preparing their learning space :0)

Megan and Brian Rogers said...

Oh my gosh!! I want to be in first grade again!! I loved the theme. Your preparation for your classroom is just a fraction of all the hard work you are going to put in to these kids' education. They are lucky to have you!!!

Leavitt's said...

Holy Cow....I want to be in Ms. Purvis's first grade class. What a blessing you will be to all those eager beaver learners!!! Good job Mom, Dad and Kaija. :)

Hayley said...

Kaija, it is AMAZING!!! You are definitely your mother's daughter :) I have such fond memories of 3rd grade in your mom's class. I'm sure your kiddos will have the same memories of you!

The Anderson's said...

Kaija it looks amazing!! My mom (who teaches 2nd grade) would be SO impressed!! You are going to be the cutest teacher ever:)

Ashley Rae said...

I love it!! You have such a darling classroom! I'll bet my Kennedy would love to have you as a teacher next year. I love love love it!

Shad and Brittany said...

Awesome! My little girl is starting first grade this year...I wish you were her teacher!

Stephanie and Kurt said...

WOW! Your room looks AMAZING! That is a lot of work, but well worth it. You will be a great teacher, Kaija! I am excited for you (and to hear stories)! What district are you in?

the lovely paper shop said...

wow! it all looks so good! i love how you made the calendar so big-that is a good idea! i love first grade and i am so excited for you!

good work! and good luck:)


Dani said...

PERFECT!! Your kids will love it!

sexychoco said...

OH my goodness, Kai! I love your classroom!! :) you are the best teacher! I'm sure of it! YOu need to come help me decorate you parents have any ideas for 3rd grade?! I want to make mine cute ;)You are amazing!

Morgan Greaves said...

Oh my word...that classroom is adorable! How fun for your little people, I'm slightly jealous and want to be a teacher after seeing this!!! PS Happy Birthday yesterday!

Lisa said...

I'm BLOWN away! What a FUN class room to come in to the first day of school! You are way too dang CUTE!

Nat said...

Wow. You really went all out. I want to be in your class! I wish Niah could be in your class actually, evn though she is a kindergartner! Good luck with school. I'm sure you will be the best teacher.

Paige said...

you have got to be the funnest teacher ever! I'm sure your students love you.

I keep meaning to tell you THANK YOU for the sweet present for Cash! I loved all of it. You seriously are so nice. I feel bad i didn't tell you thanks sooner. We appreciate it so much!