Sunday, October 17, 2010

How one blog, answered my prayer.

UEA hit, and I was all excited for a break from school. I headed up to my "other" home in Roy for the weekend. Lunch with fun friends, spending time with my best friend, who is more like a sister, crafting, another dinner with another friend, baking and delivering cookies, you would have thought- wow she's got a fun-filled weekend ahead.

I have never felt more alone and have been in some kind of funk. I don't know what it is. I am really wanting consistency in my life I think. I am tired of packing up a week's worth of teaching clothes, driving to my mom's to spend the week in Midvale with parents, mind you, to commute to work. I need to find an apartment. A singles ward. A husband. At least date. Do you know how longs its been, well I don't want to say! So much to do! For some reason, Satan makes it pretty easy to feel sorry for myself and think I am, well nothing. Why DO we ever let his thoughts even ENTER our brains? That's dumb on our part!

Well, after praying for comfort and for a loving Heavenly Father to enclose his arms around me, my answer to remember how VERY VERY blessed I am, came to me, through a blog. I am a "very"part time pediatric hospice nurse, and to see the true angels, the true everyday heroes, surviving the simple everyday life I take for granted, really touches my heart. I have had the neatest patients who teach me what patience, endurance, faith and hope really is. They live these qualities everyday.

I came across this blog. Its about a boy who has a brain tumor. He was asked to give a talk in Sacrament meeting, and my testimony was truly strengthened. My heartfelt prayer was heard. My attitude quickly turned around. I should be down on my knees with a grateful heart for knowing what I know, living where I live, could've been on the rough streets of India. Being loved by wonderful friends and the best family. Wow. I have it all.

You parents out there, be so very grateful that Primary Children's Hospital isn't part of your everyday vocabulary. I have had many patients "live" there. And to see what kind of life style that brings and the way these families make it work is incredible.

To see one of my patients blogs, go here. I am so blessed to know this family. When Im there, I totally feel like family. (Not to sound like the Olive Garden commercial)! but how hard would it be to open up your home, let some nurse in, to watch over your terminally ill child. I Love them. I have been blessed to rub shoulders with so many strong families. I was meant to know them. All my angels out there. Thank you for teaching me about love, faith and hope.


Carly said...

It's amazing the perspective these kids give you huh? I've worked at PCMC for over 5 years now and I'm consistently touched by their strength and endurance. I'm glad my post and link to Spencer's blog helped you. Keep reading it...his mom is amazing. :)

The Anderson's said...

Thanks for sharing Kaija! I think we all need a little eye opener at various times in our lives. We are all so blessed!

MissiMay said...

Thank you for your inspiring words. I have been feeling just as you have, and this really helped! *hugs*