Sunday, December 12, 2010

mY Top TeN

Dear Weber State,

I have been through your teaching program. Yes. You do have one of the best LEVEL 3 professors out there, if I recall, his name is dad, I mean Dr. Pitts .
I have met some amazing people there that have bettered my life- professors and students. BUT you forgot to teach me a few things...Here is what I have DiscOveReD:

Number ONE: My self confidence and patience have grown enormously, within the first four months. I am living the role of a teacher and now its finally comfortable.
2) They say, "leave your work at work." TOTALLY imPossiBle. I am CONSTANTLY thinking about what to do next, what fun idea will get the six year olds excited, how I can help so and so read better...etc.
3 : A 1st grade teacher does NOT need a desk. All I use my desk for, is for storing papers. I NEVER get to SIT down.
4: The connection I feel towards my students is incredible. When I am off track, I dream about them, I can now honestly say, I LOVE my students. I have so much pride for them.
5: You weren't kiddin' when you said, "Don't smile till Christmas."
6: At the end of the day, my feet ache from wearing "cute" shoes...pretty soon, white Reebox will be the new "Cute." jk...can you imagine!
7: PTC is not as bad as they make it out to wise mother once told me, Parent teacher Conferences is about CeLeBraTinG the child. It Truly is.
8: My lesson plans HARDLY go as planned. But learning is constantly taking place. Both by me and the children!
9: I love overhearing my kids say, "Miss Purvis is the best teacher." I act like I don't hear them, but man my heart swells up!! So what that they have had only one other teacher before me and will have tons of teachers in their lifetime...I will take it!
10: We can never have enough glue sticks and sharpened pencils. Crayons get broken FAST and that's ok. They are kids.
I have learned that I am teaching these kids more than just math, writing, science and reading. They are learning how to be respectful, caring, kind, truthful people. They are hopefully learning qualities that will serve them throughout the rest of their lives....hopefully!
I learned that its amazing what a candy cane or money for our store will do. Bribery is amazing!
At times I find myself turning into my mother....for now, its ok because she was the best teacher around!


sexychoco said...

Oh Kai...hahaha!! I feel the same way!! I love how you spoke about's what my whole team wears except me!! hahaha!!!

Megan and Brian Rogers said...

Yeah- Miss Purvis is the best teacher! You are amazing. I love that you are really getting comfortable with everything. You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Kaija, I loved reading this! Lucky Lucky kids, who are in your class! They have the best, prettiest teacher!

MissiMay said...

You are so cute! A natural at everything you do! ;o)

Marian said...

So funny. So true. Keep being great! My desk not only held papers, but my secret chocolate stash for after school.