Sunday, December 11, 2011

the FoRgOttEn CaRoLs

I experienced my first Forgotten Carols extravaganza yesterday.  It was:
I LOVED it! I have grown up listening to the songs, but finally understood why Connie Lou "cried when she took the tree down!"  The words to "I was not His Father, He was Mine"  reminds us of Joseph's perspective about raising the Christ child, and is relationship with our savior. I see Joseph as a humble, meek, kind, and wise man.
Another song I love was, "Let Him In." How am I letting the Savior into MY life. How am I using HIS atonement for me. How am I allowing HIM to help me carry my burdens.

The song that also touched my heart was Handel's Dream. This young boy wanted to sing in the choir that was going to sing at Christ's birth. He tried out and sang with his heart, but was not chosen to sing.

"You have so much to give, and your time will come. Your time will come."
"Ohh... then I can't sing with the choir?" I wanted him to change his mind, but he just shook his head.
"You have a different voice," he said, "but it will be heard. Centuries from now, it will be heard. More orchestras and choirs than you can possibly imagine will be giving the music of your heart a voice that will echo through time."

When the chorus master says, "You have a different voice, but you will be heard," it made me remember that the Lord has a plan just for me.
So when I watch all my friends send out their darling Christmas cards and see their cute families, instead of feeling sad because I don't have that, I should remember that everyone's life plan is different. Even though it seems like all my friends are following the same plan...married with kids,  we are all different.  We are all unique. We are all different tools used in His hands.  This song  was a gentle reminder of this.

As you can tell, I took a lot home with me from this production!  Way to go Michael McLean. What a talented guy!