Sunday, February 26, 2012

a "SiNgLe" thought

Sometimes I wonder to myself...what is it with me, what the heck is wrong with me? Why does dating NOT happen in my life? Even a date here and there is inexistant. I seriously don't get it. My bff told me, maybe Heavenly Father was saving me from the pain and heartache dating can cause, and the guy I am supposed to marry, will waltz into my life when I least expect it! (enter...soon...please?)

I have thought about this, and I am wondering if perhaps she is right. Maybe I am loved SO much, that He is protecting me, for I AM His daughter. My trial THEN is, getting through this season of my life without feeling jealous, bitter, and all the other adjectives that occur!
How do I keep my head up and my heart happy when I hear of engagements, marriages, babies? I am so behind in the game of life. Or am I?

I must concentrate on being MY best self. I must work on who I WANT to become. Whether I am single or married, I still must strive to BE my best. One thing I do love about being single, is being able to tRaVel. I am able to see the world through my own eyes. I know that I am embracing this single life with all I can. I believe that I am meant to be single right now. I am at a point in my life where I can give so much of myself, I can strengthen relationships, and serve those around me. I must have so much more to learn and prepare myself for marriage. I am getting to know WHO in fact I really am, and making changes and bettering myself, for me...not for him, wherever he is! Its important to make changes for YOURSELF, not for others. (My bff also reminded me of this too!) Maybe I am ahead of the game, by recognizing who I am exactly; my strengths, desires, weaknesses, loves, joys, etc. BEFORE I enter the M-World. Guess we'll just take this one day at a time. I am being refined, and hopefully soon I can understand where my path leads!
There. that is my "SINGLE" thought....see what I did there :) Maybe that's why Im not married because I say things like that! JK!


Ashley Rae said...

You have such an amazing and positive attitude. Any guy would be SO lucky to have you. But for now, YES! Enjoy the single life!! Travel as much as you possibly can. Save a bunch of $$ for your future for when Mr. Right happens to walk through your door, so you guys can travel together as a family :)
Dating is overrated ;)

Megan and Brian Rogers said...

Oh, Kaija! You say things so well. I'm glad you have a BFF with so much wisdom :)

sexychoco said...

Your time will come! Don't settle, you'll get a great guy. I know now for certain, He is definitely involved in the details of our lives!! He's involved in yours. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I have felt the same about myself and still being single. It is nice to know others feel the same. I feel it has been made more difficult through moving far away from my family that I love so dear. I have struggled to come to terms with making such big leaps by myself with out that strong partner in life there to support me and help lift me up. I guess what I have to learn is how to lift myself up. Maybe once progress has been made on that front, I will be prepared for the M-World as you say.