Saturday, September 15, 2012

Teachers Pay Teachers

Hi Friends! Remember how I am a teacher. Remember how I live in Utah? Remember how Chicago teachers are going on strike for more money, even though they get paid 4x more than I do? Remember? Well I decided to get with the program and begin making teacher things for "Teachers Pay Teachers." Those who are not teachers, this is a cool site where teachers sell their lesson plans etc, and receive 60% of their sales. So. Here are my first products.
 As you see,  I have NO followers.... kinda embarrasing huh! Maybe click "Follow Me" and tell all your teacher friends! 
Thanks SO much! Take a little look. The Halloween one is FREE!



Ashley Rae said...

Teachers totally get paid crap in Utah. And in most places, actually. Having a father who is a teacher, I've always thought the pay was very unfair. I'm sorry about that :( You guys should get WAY more recognition than you do. But that website is such a great idea! Good luck :)