Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bear Bucks and Blessings

I was contemplating my life during church one Sunday, and this little gem of knowledge came popping in....At school when I see students making good choices, or doing good work I give them a
Bear Buck. Bear Bucks are used for when we have "store." Students get to use their money to buy items at the store.
One thing that bothers me is when I offer a child a Bear Buck and they immediately say, "Do I get two?" Or students will be cleaning their center, and then proceed to ask if they get a Bear Buck because they were cleaning. They try to do good things just to earn that bear buck.
I usually tell them, "If you ask for one, you won't get it."

A thought came into my mind, "Kaija. ENJOY THE BLESSINGS THAT I HAVE ALREADY GIVEN YOU."  Enjoy that Bear Buck. I am so grateful that the Lord doesn't tell me, "If you ask me for one (blessings) you won't get it." He blesses me with what He knows and sees fit. I needed this little reminder to realize the blessings He has given me.

Oh the many things I am taught in the classroom!