Sunday, June 1, 2014

I Love you 206

My cute friend Emily recounted this story in her
lesson at church today:

In a father-son game of "I love you more," Dave Barlow thought he had his 6-year-old son, Sam, beat.
"I love you infinity," the father would say.
A short time later, Sam came home from school and stumped his father with "Dad, I love you 206!"
Seeing the confused look on his father's face, Sam explained he had just learned that the human body consisted of 206 bones.
"Dad, that's every bone in my body!" the boy exclaimed.

How often do we truly love with EVERY PART OF US? Sometimes I find myself "loving" others with 103 parts of me-Not fully, but Half.  I put loving in quotes, because in order to love fully, you love with your all.   I feel that sometimes I am guilty of serving not only with part of me, but often with the mentality of  "What will I get out of this." As Dwight Shrute would say, False. We were commanded to love one another. Not to gain something in return, but to truly love others like HE loves us.  When we first understand and truly FEEL HIS LOVE for us, individually we then in return can begin loving others, using that SAME love! 
So, my new goal, loving with all 206 of me!
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Megan Rogers said...

Fact (as Dwight would say): this is such a sweet post and a great reminder for new to really stop being so selfish. You're the best!