Saturday, June 28, 2008


I kicked off my SUMMER by going to the TIM MCGRAW concert last night. It was so fun! I tried to get a group of friends together but to my surprise Tim wasn't everyone's top priority! Luckily my friend John went with me. As I was watching people from the lawn, I noticed Tim Mcgraw drew in quite the diverse crowd! People old and young, drunk and sober, girls wearing clothes, girls hardly wearing clothes! I posted a picture of an older couple dancing the "day" away! They were so into it! Overall it was a beautiful summer night filled with great music. Here are some more pics of
The Mighty Fine Cowboy's Concert!!

Some of the songs Tim sang were: When the Stars Go Blue, Live like You were Dying, If You're Reading This, I like It I love It, Suspicions, Last Dollar, Where the Green Grass Grows, some great new ones, and my favorite, Something Like That.
At the end of the concert he made me feel patriotic, courageous and blessed! Nothing makes a concert without those three thing eh!!


The Rogers said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Wish we could have gone, too! I know that we always have a blast at Tim concerts together!
By the way, is that woman wearing a scrunchie?

Kaija said...

Megan not just one hot pink scrunchie but two...BIG DAY! and I got video of them dancing just for YOU! No it really was tons of fun, and so people don't think Im mean, that couple was cute!

Taya said...

WHO is their right mind puts anything first before Tim McGraw??? Crazy!!! Looks like a fun concert!

Okay, this totally dates me, but I remember going to THE CONCERT when Faith was touring with him (before they were married) and they did a duet together and then kissed and the crowd totally went wild!

Good stuff!

Ashley Rae said...

Oh man. I LOVE Tim McGraw. I saw him once when he was touring with faith and another time when he was with Kenney Chesney. Those men are absolutely beautiful.

I'm glad you could go! And I'm glad it was awesome. Yay for Tim!!

Rachel said...

How lucky are you?! I am so jealous you got to see Tim McGraw! I'm glad you had a good time, it sure looks like fun! :-)

Amber Eggli said...

Hey, Its Amber Blum. I stopped facebook so I lost ontact with a. But I just found you again. WAHOO! Hope you are doing well. check out my blog. Hope you are doing well.