Monday, June 23, 2008

A Well Deserved Standing Ovation!!

"A teacher's purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to
develop students who can create their own image." ~Author Unknown

SHE DID IT! My mom, known as Miss Purvis then, and currently known as Mrs. Pitts, read her class one last story, called her first graders in from lunch recess one last time, and sadly, gave her students one last hug goodbye as they boarded the bus. My mom decided to RETIRE. Her entire life was teaching. She loved what she did and it showed! She taught for 36 years. She has taught K-4 grade throughout those years. Some of the many elementary schools she taught at were: Peruvian Park, Sprucewood, Majestic, Lone Peak, Welby, Draper, and lastly, she ended at Crescent. I had the opportunity to have her as my 3rd grade teacher! What a neat experience!
Whenever we go somewhere, someone always stops and says, "Miss Purvis, do you remember me?" and of course she usually does! It is like I'm with a celebrity! A few years ago, one of her first-graders parents, (both of them) had my mom as their 3rd grade teacher! Ironic huh! Oh, and just an example of how much she loves her students, seven years ago, when we went to India, what did Miss Purvis do? Oh she brought back little Indian dresses/pants back for EACH of her students. WOW! She is one in a million that's for sure! And I am so lucky to have her as my "mentor" as I go through the education program! She wants to come aid for me in my future classroom. I am smarter than that...I will be the aid!

Here she is when she just began her teaching career....little did she know, her coooperating teacher would soon become her prince charming!

Halloween... I was often a visitor in her classroom!

Here she is now...Thirty-six incredible years later!


Ashley Rae said...

Congrats to your mom! That is awesome. Retirement is something I aspire for. Haha

The Rogers said...

Your mom rocks!

Kyle & Reesie said...

Wow, your mother is so amazing and has touched to many lives! That is awesome! Hey is your email through hotmail or yahoo? I can't remember. I am trying to get you hooked up to my family's blog!