Saturday, July 5, 2008


Here are some reasons of why I love the summertime!

* wearing capris and flipflops
* celebrating our freedom

* summer nights...fresh, cool, peaceful

* BBQs
* family/friends
* swimming
* vacations

* fresh garden peas and cherry tomatoes!
* no school (yes I am still in school)
* camping

*. My birthday!! (gotta have the icecream cake!)



Brian and Alisha said...

Sounds like we have a lot in common! I love your blog... Really, it's so cute! It was so great to see you the other night. I wish we could have talked more! Maybe next time. =)

The Rogers said...

I love summer nights, too! What a good list. I may have to make my own!

Jacki said...

So glad your a blogger Kaija!!!! Loved seeing you this weekend. Call me anytime to play with the Maxter!

Taya said...

Fun tag! I love most of those things too. Who doesn't love flip flops?? When's your birthday?

Ashley Rae said...

Ditto to everything on your list. Flip-flops, summer nights, bbqs, vacations...but I could do without the tomatoes- replace that with strawberries and peaches. Mmmmm.

I love summer. Always have, and hopefully always will :)

Kyle & Reesie said...

That sounds amazing! I love all those things-except school of course. I am sorry you have to be in school, but you will be the most amazing teacher. I want you to be Damon's teacher when he goes to school :)

Brian and Alisha said...

That blogs to books site is awesome! Thank you for giving it to me!!! =)


Kaija.. of course I remember you!! I have been out of the blogging world for a few weeks, sorry for the delay! It's so much fun seeing what you are up to these days! It looks like you are keeping busy and having fun! I love that blogging brings old friends back together!