Wednesday, November 5, 2008

party, ghost tour and puppies

So this post is three in one! A week before Halloween my friend Sam and I wanted to throw a Halloween party...decorating was the most fun! We made, well she made Wassail, had pizza and everyone brought tons of sweets. It was a fun time! Oh yeah I also watched "It" for the first time...what's with the spider at the end? LAME!
In case you can't tell...I was black cat! I am too lazy to match costumes with pictures, but we had a witch, tinkerbell, boyscouts, BYU desperate co-ed(she is proposing in the picture!) Jazz fan, and more-

Is that an "orb" I see on my black pants!!

On Halloween some of my friends and I decided to do a ghost tour throughout Salt Lake. I was all excited to hear some thrilling stories...I was sadly disappointed. Although we did go to the SL cemetary and listen to some ghost story. We also went to Fort Douglas and some old hotels. The story teller said something about Brigham Young coming to visit the Beehive house- the sister missionaries called security because "some man was walking through the house and it was time to close." He ignored their protest, and kept on walking. Of course, security found no one. I think I accidentally laughed out loud during this story! Brother Brigham just checkin out his place!

This picture is at the cemetary in front of some gravesite. Apparently if you walk around backwards 3x the ghost will appear. Some girl from the group did it and nothing happened. It was kinda creepy though!

Last weekend I come home and low and behold what do I find...TWO Shih-Tsu puppies! My mom has been wanting puppies now that she has retired. I told her Shih-Tsu's are super cute as puppies, but not so cute as adults and we must get one thats cute life long! She didn't listen, so let me introduce you to Max and Murphy. They are twins...My dad couldn't split them up! I wanted them to rename Murphy- its not cute, but as I have been around them, it fits I guess :)

Any Similarity???
I was trying to get a picture of Murphy the bully pushing Max out of the way while eating, but it didn't happen. So just pretend!


Anika said...

Oh my goodness! PUPPIES! Those are so adorable! I am a huge dog lover... especially a puppy lover! I love your Halloween costume... it's a classic!

Taya said...

I will always hate clowns because I watched IT when I was twelve and it scared the CRAP out of me!!

Ashley Rae said...

PUPPIES!! Aw, they're so cute!! I remember when my puppy had puppies a few years ago. Freaking adorable. I was so in love. It was hard to sell them (emotionally).

Cute costume.

And ok, that grave? We went there in high school. My friend walked around 3 times and when he got around that 3rd time his phone rang. It TOTALLY freaked us out. It doesn't sound scary, now, but imagine that happening... I'm still spooked.

Megan and Brian Rogers said...

Love the New Era ad you put in there. And I am sorry your ghost tour didn't cut it. I guess you and I are just too hard core for "the haunted beehive house"

Lisa said...

those puppies are so darling! how fun!

shereesa said...

You have so much fun, I wish I did something crazy on halloween. the puppies are so cute! I love how they look so fluffy!

Cate and Kory said...

BA HA HA HA... Who tells stories about Prophets haunting places!! I love it! You are so funny! I am planning on a lunch date with you.. Sometime in the next few weeks. I know that is vague but I am not sure on your schedule! Let me know... :)