Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Standard Examiner and One Republic!

So last Friday I was on the FRONT page of the Standard Examiner- for those not in the davis/weber area, its the newspaper that covers the area north of Salt Lake.
My patient's story was the reason. He has Spinal Muscular Atrophy- his ward and community are doing a fundraiser for him and his family....I just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time! JK! But really its not the best picture...I am wearing my glasses and my what I call, my "grandma" sweater...totally unprepared for a photoshoot! All my nurse friends out there, I was doing his GT cares without my gloves on, I know I know, but they are too big and get in the way, the photographer was taking pictures of me doing his cares. I realized, crap, I don't have my gloves on, and what if my boss or old nursing professors see I said, "Oh, you can't use those ones because I don't have my gloves on." He honored my wish! So there's my one and only fame moment!
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oNe rEpUbLiC

Why did One Republic come to Ogden, Utah? I asked myself this same question, but had a great time at their concert! Even though I felt like I was back in highschool because it was "The Event" for the highschoolers! A couple of girls who were down by the stage were doing dance moves that might have been related to the rain dance...I had a hard time keeping my eye on the concert! My favorite, and only songs I knew were "Stop and Stare" and "Apologize"....Thanks for having a birthday laina!

Costa Vida

The Concert


Ashley Hall said...

Kaija! You are famous! :) How fun. I miss you. We really need to get together soon.

Sharee and Court said...

I love your hair Kaija! It is so cute! how fun that youwere in the Newspaper!

shereesa said...

I feel so special, I finally know someone famous! Just dont forget all of us little people!

Happy Holmes said...

When is your next signing? I've like totally gotta get your auto!!

Ok, seriously that was pretty cool. SMA runs in my family so I love to read stories about it.

I love One Republic! Lucky duck.. I didn't even know they were coming! Famous people like you have all the luck!!!

Ashley Rae said...

I will make sure to get your autograph next time I see you. You are famous!

Awesome that you went to the concert. I love concerts... too bad I don't go to as many now that I have a little one. Eh. Oh well.

And, um, don't be hard on yourself. You look great in that picture!!

Kyle and Reesie said...

That is so so cool that you are in the newspaper! How fun, and I think you look great! :) I love One Republic! I bet that was so fun to go to that concert. You look so good in all the pictures, you are so beautiful. Whenever you have some time, let me know. We need to get together soon! :)