Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some People Come into our lives


A few weeks ago, one of my favorite people, Diane Pugmire, a professor at WSU passed away due to complications of the Swine flu. She was truly amazing. I looked up to her, wanted to be her, wanted to be around her- just LOVED her! One day we had on the same outfit- that's how "hip" she was! ha! But I totally loved it. Most would be embarrased to be wearing the same thing as their math teacher. I might have acted embarrased but deep down I was like, "Diane called me her twin. Yes!" Don't worry- it wasn't a sweater with addition and subtraction symbols!

I think the thing that made her so likeable was, she truly cared for her students. I was in her office all the time asking for help- she always made time for me. When I didn't get certain things she didn't get frustrated or let me think I belonged in Math resource, like I thought I did! Now that I am around students, and hopefully influencing them for good, I am trying to be like Diane and care for them...really care.
She brought so much enthusiasm into teaching (She taught education teachers how to teach math concepts)....folks, math was actually fun, and I actually understood it!
I believe it was just her time to go. She had work to do on the other side. Maybe teaching the importance of using manipulatives, or hands on strategies for math!

I attended her funeral and her family brought strength to the rest of us. For some reason, I felt closer to her than I really was. It was really hard on me. Her family was incredibly strong. I am grateful for my knowledge of this gospel, and for the plan of salvation.
So my advice to you is....Let those you ADMIRE , LOVE, and CARE about......those who have left "footprints" on your hearts, know it!


Cate and Kory said...

THat is really sweet. It is sad.

sexychoco said...

Cute! I love that she didn't wear any sweaters with subtraction/addition/multiplication symbols! Hey...she could have borrowed yours ;) She was definitely AMAZING!

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