Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Apparently Im Not ready to be a.....


I watched my best friend's little baby- Harrison at my house the other day. (I am his Aunt Kaija)There were a few things that made me realize I wasn't ready to be a mother....yet.
See this porta-crib- Harrison's parents told me, "It's really easy to set it up, unfolds like a camping chair." Great, easy, I can do that!
This is as far as I got: the sides wouldn't lock.

So this was the alternative crib:

I know it looks like he is suffocating here, but
checked four different times....he wasn't. Tried
to move him on his back but he wouldn't do it!
His make-do crib may look like a cage or prison to the untrained eye, but I don't think prison's offer a down comforter, 2 fleece blankets and decorative pillows. Nope.

Check out more of this cute little man:

Isn't he so dang cute! I'm a proud aunt! To get him to smile I would click my tongue, while holding him, while taking the picture. Pure Talent. (not sure why I look 17 in these pics.... hmm) Anyways, that was our day of fun and I LOVED it!


Megan and Brian Rogers said...

That's my boy!! You got some really cute pics of him. You are going to have to share them with me.
He really does love his aunt Kaija! Thanks so much for taking care of him that day. We wouldn't want anyone else!

Ashley Rae said...

Hahaha. Cute!! That's good you're not ready to be a mom. There's a few things that probably should happen before that... lol

The Anderson's said...

Dude you are TOTALLY ready to be a mom! I had issues with the pack n play at first too. They really are deceivingly hard to put up:)

Cate and Kory said...

HOw cute!!! I love it! :) They made a cute baby! :) I'm glad you were ther to take care of him!

sexychoco said...

He's such an adorable boy!!! haha! I loved your "prison crib" ;) awesome!

Marian said...

Did you ever watch that show on Sunday nights (within the last year or so) called Here Come The Newlyweds? Well, for a challenge they had to put up a pack and play and none of the couples could do it. They got so mad! It was funny to watch.