Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Move Over Martha!

School is out...for GOOD. I know many of you are wondering what exactly I have been up to. Just kidding! Anyways, I decided to unleash some creativity fun!
I found this cute idea at The Quilted Bear...decided to make one of my own. Probably would've been much easier to just have bought one, instead but...anyways...look how cute!

-Quilted Bear used gumballs, I used maltballs, I liked the coloring of them more.

- found the jar at Walmart.

Then got the bright idea to use my cricut to make some's been awhile since I've used it.

- cheap plastic, but real looking plates found at Tai Pan, Marie Osmond's Favorite Decorative Store. Don't want to tell you how much, because then you will think I am SUPER cheap.

THEN, I got in the holiday spirit of making some candy treats! I kind of felt like Monica on "FRIENDS", when she makes holiday candy! It was fun though...and SO easy. I felt VERY crafty!
Supplies found at Michaels...

Running all over town, and visiting a bunch of different stores around Christmas- A PAIN.
Spending money that I don't really have- RIDICULOUS.
Putting together fun ideas that collect in my head at night- PRICELESS!!


Dave and Lindsey said...

wow! i am impressed! you are one talented little lady... come over to my house and decorate please!!!!!!

Cate and Kory said...

seriously! I love all of that! :) Very Cute! I haven't been in Tai Pan in forever! :) Very cute!

Happy Holmes said...

Dear Martha, I mean Kaija! Those are some pretty sweet crafts! Good work!

Now about those darn port-a-cribs. I have been defeated by mine, more than once! They are hard and not at all like a camp chair. I loathe them, but they are handy to put the babes in! See you are just as ready as I am and I have two!

sexychoco said...

WOW! You astound me with your craftiness!! I tried to make a crafty card the other didn't go so well. I just don't have it in me! ;) Oh well--looks great!!