Saturday, January 2, 2010

Keep that hat on Tim

So I am a little late in seeing the movie, "The Blind Side." I thought it was an amazing movie! Such an inspirational story. It made me want to change the world Student by Student! I think the best part is, that its based on a TRUE story. Hollywood didn't have to make up a story line. There is actually goodness out there in this world. People can make such a difference in the lives of others, if effort is put forth.
Next thing....should Tim continue acting or keep singing? I know ONE things for SURE. He should definitely be wearing his BLACK COWBOY HAT at ALL times!


sexychoco said...

I know! It was such a good show--and yes, Tim has definitely GOT to keep the hat on--maybe he can continue to act, but only play in "cowboy" roles..

Ashley Rae said...

I really want to see that movie.

And I totally agree with the Tim cowboy hat thing.

Rob -n- Katie Rasmussen said...

I completely agree! This was one of the best movies I've ever seen. Definitely buying it when it comes out. hey let's plan a get together and this time try and STICK to it:) If you need my number just let me know.

Rachel said...

Amen to that--he's so much better with the hat ON! I liked that movie a lot, but I also enjoy his songs..