Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hundreds Day

So at the school I am currently at, (doing some extra student teaching...) We celebrated 100's Day. What this means is, they've been in school for one hundred days! Not sure if the celebration was for the students for making it 100 days, or for the teachers for surviving the 100 days! My teacher in the past, has dressed up like she was 100 years old! Clever huh!

PS she was MY first grade teacher when I was six...pretty cool. She worked with my mom, and knew me from Day one! Literally! Oh and I took a picture of her cute outfit. I want it!

Here we are TWENTY years ago... Wow!

Look at these cute activities we did! The children came up with 100 things to do on a Saturday, glued 100 items (they brought from home) to a graph....some brought cereal, beads, coffee beans and yep, dog food. Gross!

Each child got to pick 10 pieces of 10 different treats...adding up to what? 100. I was in charge of that center. I placed myself near the goods. Im no dummy! I think I ate 100 Cheetos that day. Forgot how addicting those are! It was a fun day!


Anyways, I am getting excited to have my own classroom.
I am thinking about themes- So far I have come up with a Jungle Safari Theme. Check this out....
"Swing on into Ms. Purvis' ____ grade class" with monkeys swinging on vines
"We're WILD about______" (writing, spelling, etc)

Yep this is what I do in my spare time! Tell me your thoughts. Oh and check out this cute clipart stuff here: click on preview to see the Jungle Safari clipart!

I wanted to do a beachy/tropical theme but think the safari theme will give me more ideas to branch out from.
Tell me your thoughts or any other ideas you have!
K friends....start thinking!

Oh one more thing...Mrs. Conklin had them do Arctic reports and do a cool project...check out this orca... you should have seen us trying to put him up there....what teachers do to risk their lives! ha!


Tony and Maricela Foster said...

How cool is that, that you were able to work with your 1st grade teacher!! I appreciate the time and dedication teachers put into making a difference in children's lives! And now you get that special opportunity...that's priceless!

Megan and Brian Rogers said...

So fun!! I love the picture of little you with your teacher!
Oh, and the Jungle theme? Love it! You know how I am about animals. Can't wait to see your classroom! I would love to help!

Angela S said...

Look at how CUTE you were when you were 6! I love that you had photos with your teacher - I wish I would've done that when I was a kid! Looks like you are having so much fun with the kids!