Sunday, February 21, 2010

Remember This:


I miss when the Olympics were here in Salt Lake City. How amazing was that!
Did anyone get to go to any events? I got to go to the men's downhill skiing.
Just having the Olympics in Utah was such a fun experience! What made this Olympic Event even more sweeter, was it was just a few months after 9/11. Not just the country, but the entire world came together.

What are your favorite Winter Olympic Games to watch? I love to watch most of them- Luge, bobsled, skeleton, skiing, half pipe, ice skating- I only like watching the girls ice skate though. Makes me a bit uncomfortable watching the guys! And I think I could totally do curling. I don't get that sport though.
Anyways it's so amazing to see the world come together for two weeks. These athletes are truly incredible. So inspiring. Move over Disneyland, the Olympians totally take the statement "Where Dreams Come True." Seriously.

Here's some information that will make you sound smart....share it nonchalantly during the games and people will think YOU'RE amazing!
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Get ready for a small little photo journey.....

Can't get the video to work of National go here

remember the popular berret!

I also remember collecting pins was a big deal. Yep I had the green jello one, and the funeral potatoes one! Nothing says Utah like those!
Anyways, gotta love the Olympics...


Megan and Brian Rogers said...

We are loving the Olympics!! I even sat there and watched the men figure skate!! I am excited to see the women! But I think that skiing is my favorite.
I can't believe that it has been 8 years since the Olympics were here. Fun times. I remember we were watching the women's ice skating at our apartment at Snow- Sarah Hughes won that gold! Whatever happened to her?

Jewelsp said...

I get so excited when the Olypmics are on! I love watching them and learning about the athletes and dreaming of trying some of the events sometime. I, in my girlyness, also have to pick one cute Olympian to have an Olympic crush on. This year I chose Evan Lysacek. I know I will never meet this person, but he's been fun to watch!

MissiMay said...

OOO Julie, I just was introduced (not literally) to Apolo Ohno....hmmm! Kaija, I also don't understand curling... I thought it was a joke at first...hmmm. I missed the Olympics when they were here in Utah. I was on a mission... but I heard it was super cool! Thanks for posting pictures... now I feel like I was there! ;o)
I loved watching the figure skating this year, the Gold's for both men and women were AMAZING!! I also love watching Shaun White with the half pipe... that was so awesome! ;o)