Wednesday, December 9, 2009

feStiVal of treeS

Saturday my cousin went with me to the Festival of Trees. I swear it gets bigger each year. There were SO many cute themed trees- from Disney and Barbie doll trees to Harley Davidson and "Mr Fix It" trees.
I took lots of are some of my favorites

If you're loving Lucy...

check this one out

Don't judge me on what I look like here.

Does this one represent ME or what!

LOVED these colors.....Fun!

As I looked at the pictures, I felt connected to these people...the babies especially. My home health kids that I love and take care of, have spent many a weeks/months at Primarys...just a little bit close to home I guess...
Anyways, If you went...what were YOUR favorites?


Paige said...

I love all the trees! I've never been to the Festival of Trees but my sister in law volunteers every year so I've been wanting to go. I'll have to check it out sometime. I looks really awesome!