Sunday, March 21, 2010

Has sPrinG SPRUNG?

It sure has in my mind! I LOVE Spring. The days are longer, the nights are cool, the fresh air smells wonderful, Ahh I love it! Renewal is taking place all over! Spring makes me want to remember by New Years Resolutions, that I made oh, three months ago, and haven't really kept. Spring gives me a sense of starting fresh in life! So Spring, please please be just around the corner!
So recently I have taken on a long term substitute position in Kindergarten! Two weeks down, and I am loving it!
The week before St. Patty's Day I was telling the students that they had to wear GREEN or else they would get pinched. I thought I was clear in when St. Patrick's Day was. I counted it out on the calendar etc. The VERY next day, like eight students had on green shirts. "Look Teacher, We are wearing green, we aren't gonna get pinched." They were right! No pinching took place!

For St. Patricks Day, we had a little leprechaun visit our classroom....My legs didn't turn green THIS year...but maybe another time! We had magic punch, and the Mr. L left gold coins and mini cookies, and a little tiny mug. They LOVED it!
P.S. I found it really hard to disguise my handwriting. Just how DOES a leprechaun write?

Take a look:

The Itty bitty treats the leprechaun left....

the MaGic Green Drink.

My Cute Easter Jar....Thanks Quilted Bear for the Idea. Its the same one I used for the Christmas jar....just put in Easter colored gumballs. Once again, gumballs purchased at Quilted Bear.

I wanted to show you my cute Easter egg shaped bowls...The designs inside are way cute....candy is hiding them though. Love Kohl's!!



MissiMay said...

You are so amazing! You are the best teacher! So creative and fun! I love the bowls and the jar! What can I say... you just rock Kaija!

Megan and Brian Rogers said...

Yes, Welcome Spring! And you are a cute little teacher! Harrison wants Miss Purvis as his teacher!

Ashley Rae said...

I am SO with you on the Spring thing. It is my favorite season. I spent 5 hours outside in my garden in the nice weather... I would do that every day, if I could.

Love the easter decor and what a cute St. Patty's day idea!! I'll bet your kids love you.

The Anderson's said...

Isn't Spring the best?? Cute St. Patty's and Easter ideas. You definitely have a teacher's touch!!

Paige said...

I bet you are the funnest teacher ever! your treats are adorable!

Dave and Lindsey said...

sounds like you are having fun with your class!! happy spring:)