Monday, February 7, 2011

Artwork in 1st grade

I had to show off my bulletin boards! The first one is ice skates...."Gliding into a New Year" Yep I sure did come up with that one myself!

The next one I couldn't have done without my mom's help. Snowglobes. Don't they look absolutely amazing! I am almost as proud as my students!

Since we went off track and won't be here during V-Day, we had our party earlier.
And do we really need to be reminded as to why Valentines Day is so dang fun in fiRst GrAde?

I was being modest and didn't add MY name to the Class list because I wasn't sure if that looks tacky. Thank goodness my students remembered me! Remember those kids that just handed out valentines without candy?...who wants that! Candy is where its at!
We played BINGO, memory, made crazy sentences out of conversation hearts and did this...

That's right...Pin the Lips on Ms. Purvis. Thanks to my first grade teacher, Mrs. Conklin, I got this fun idea!
Don't judge. This pretty lady looks more Korean or Filipino....instead of like me! Oops!


Marian said...

I LOVE the snowglobes!

Lindsey said...

ok i love it all! i have to steal the "pin the lips on your teacher" though... my kids will love that game!

ps. you need to start a teacher blog and so i can start stealing ALL your great ideas. i started one ( and i am getting tons of other ideas from teachers. i just wish their were more teachers in ut with teacher blogs... :)

Hadar said...

So absolutely cute! and I love the music in the background! Did you start a teaching blog yet?? Lindsey's wish came true...there are a TON of us now!!

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