Monday, February 7, 2011

MaKe a WiSh

I got the sweet opportunity to attend Karson's Make A Wish Ceremony. Even though he left this earth, they still honored his wish. He LOVED Toy Story. In January they were going to go to Disneyland for their wish, but Karson was too sick. (I was also honored that they wanted me to come and be their nurse during their Disneyland stay!) But instead....they had a TOY STORY themed party. I don't know if Karson would have enjoyed the highschool drama students dressed up as Woody, Buzz and others, because let me be honest...they were a bit weird and too into their role! But it was cute. All the kids there, loved it.
I automatically wanted to work at the Make A Wish place, come to find out, its just volunteers. Making children's little dreams come true must be such an incredible experience. As soon as the child receives their wish, they come back and do a "Star Raising Ceremony." What an amazing moment to see the Riggs' family
raise Karson's star.
Karson you are our star. You have taught us all, real strength comes from within. Karson couldn't move his body, but his little spirit fought long and hard until the end.