Sunday, February 13, 2011

vALenTiNeS dEcoR

Check out these fun VALENTINES crafts I made!

This "Life is Sweet" is the same one I had for Halloween-forgot to do one for Christmas, but its kinda fun to switch it for each holiday!

Look what my mom made! She found the idea at her hair salon. They wanted $25 for it. She made her own...and gave it to me! Now THAT's LOVE!

SO cute huh!
Also my friend Michelle introduced me to a program called "Sure Cuts A lot." It is AMAZING. If you have a cricut, it will cut any font on your computer. I LOVE IT! I made the "Be Mine" vinyl letters for my white heart. Check it out-


Megan and Brian Rogers said...

I freakin' love the XOXO!! I seriously need to make one next year. Where do you come up with all these cute ideas? Share the wealth, man!

Ashley Rae said...

Alright. You have won the award for my craftiest friend. I LOVE everything that you made! SO dang cute.

Kaija said...

Thanks you two! My faithful blog responders! I take NO credit for anything! I find it at places then do it. I just ruined your perfect image of me! Dang it! Meg- The Wood Connection is a must go to place!