Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bulletin Board and Easter Decor

So I haven't blogged in forever. I know the three of you who read this are wondering what happened to me! JK! School has been crazy busy, but since im on SPRING BREAK, I can finally set aside time to blog!

I HAD to show off my bulletin board! We learned about fractions....guess what came to mind...PIZZA! Each table was asssigned a certain "combination." Don't you love it!

Check out this cute little thing I bought....Wish I could say I made it, but not so.

However, check out my "seasonal jar"- was filled with Christmas balls, but then switched them to eggs for eAsTeR.

Also I copied this idea from the Wood Connection. It's wooden eggs with scrapbook paper glued on. They have all kinds of woodsy products to make cute things with!
Check it out here


Megan and Brian Rogers said...

So cute! I wish I had all your cute crafts! And you're such a good teacher. Pizza! What a good idea!

Ashley Rae said...

You are such a great teacher!! Your kids are lucky to have you around :)

And yes, your Easter crafts are darling!!

sexychoco said...

You're a cute teacher poor students... I try to do cute stuff with them...but..alas..sometimes they don't turn out! You're great! Miss you!