Sunday, May 1, 2011

Never look "Ungainly" or large.....

My grandma was cleaning out her closet and found.......


For those that don't know, "For the Strength of Youth" are guidelines for L.D.S. youth, and really everyone, by the LDS First Presidency to live up to the standards of the church.

Here are my most favorites! This is chalked full of good ones!

A "real lady" does not got out in public, to the market, or to shops with her hair in curlers.

"Clothes should be comfortable and attractive without calling attention to one's body. Strapless dresses and spaghetti straps are not acceptable either on sun dresses or evening dresses. Few girls or women ever look well in backless or strapless dresses. Such styles often make the figure look ungainly and large, or they show the bony structures of the body." (HAHA, LOVE it!)

Pants for young women are not desirable attire for shopping, at school, in the library in cafeteria's or restaurants.

Not only should clothes be clean, but nails, skin, and hair should have the glow of health that bespeaks meticulous care in grooming. Personal cleanliness of body and cleanliness of one's clothing builds morale and a good name." .....did we have a problem with cleanliness in the 60's?)

"When driving around in cars, working in the yard, or elsewhere, young men should wear appropriate trousers and shirts."

"It is not appropriate for young men to wear extremely tight fitting pants....." (wish this one would hold true for today....guys in skinny jeans...nah uh)

Acceptable Dancing:
The following should be observed:

DANCE POSITIONS- young people should avoid crouching, slumping over, trying to
do a backbend
or having too close body contact.

BODY MOVEMENTS-Members of the church should be good dancers and not
no hip and shoulder shaking or body jerking

TYPE OF MUSIC- Those who are called to serve on the dance committee should review
the music. This decision should never be left to a disc jockey or others,
who may not be familiar with LDS standards.

Propriety in all things....

Young people should know how to conduct themselves like young ladies and gentlemen under any and all circumstances, such as while traveling, sightseeing, using public restrooms, eating in restaurants, staying in hotels and motels....( you never know what can happen when you're not careful while sightseeing)

They should express appreciation for all services wherever and whenever the received. It is not polite to run in and out of motel rooms late at night, making a disturbance which keeps other guests awake. It is POOR TASTE to display in public affection for a girlfriend or boyfriend."

Well there ya have it, a little moment back in time.

As for the dating standards, they seem to be about the same as today's standards....except maybe, in today's Strength of Youth, it should be added that , "Young men, it is OK to date women of the opposite sex. In fact it is STRONGLY encouraged and President Monson is cutting you NO slack. Get with it!


Rachel said...

What fun to have the differences..I love this! I also love your comment at the end... :)

sexychoco said...

haha!!! I love this post!!

Maricela said...

Wow! This was great!!! You are so funny!!!

Angela said...

Oh my goodness Kaija, I just loved reading this! Too funny.

Ashley Hall said...

Kaija! I loved those. So funny! I love you too! It's been way too long. Let's get together soon! When is good for you?

Megan and Brian Rogers said...

I hope you kept the pamphlet! I want to see it in person! I love it! My how times have changed!