Tuesday, July 12, 2011

daTinG & jaM...go hand n hand

Ok. So I heard this scenario the other day between dating and selecting jam. Ready? If stores sold one flavor of jam, they wouldn't get much business. If they added a few more flavors, like 3, their business sales would skyrocket way up.

Lets say, they added 20 more flavors of jam. What happens you ask? Do the sales go up even higher? NO. Having TOO many kinds of jam makes people flustered, indecisive and they leave the aisle not choosing ANY flavor.

So it is in dating. The reason I am not married folks is because I live in a far too populated state with way too many gorgeous, amazing women, making it hard for guys to PICK JAM. They get flustered, they're confused and scared, because they can't COMMIT to one.

If I lived in lets say, Nigeria, and a striking young fellow who had identical religious views and ideas that I held, met me...BAM. Married. Because their would only be like TWO flavors available. Hello! Pick ME...the strawberry jam...(thats the flavor I see myself being. Not some weird papaya-berry combo.) Just give me a taste, I mean chance! JK!
I thought this was a great representation about how dating goes on today. We're not living in the 1940's. Dating is not easy. And dear grandma, yes, me "giving a little wink" to some guy, will for sure get me noticed....but not in the positive way you would like it to go!
That, my friends is why dating is quite the sticky situation. (See what I did there!)
PS Thanks Jonny for this great scenario!


Ashley Rae said...

LOL... Oh woman, you make me laugh. If I were to pick a Jam flavor, I'd totally pick you :)

Megan and Brian Rogers said...

I would say you are homemade strawberry- it's much tastier!
Love your thoughts. Pretty soon the perfect guy who knows what flavor he wants is coming your way!

Memoir's of Ms. Rae Rae said...

You are so funny Kaija! I love strawberry Jam. And I totally agree that a lot of men have a hard time picking jams with so many choices!

MissiMay said...

I love this! It's so true! ;o)

Kyle and Reesie said...

You are the cutest, and make me laugh so hard! Oh man, I so miss our Nursing school days--pretty much only because I got to hang out with you everyday! :) I miss you SO much...hope I get to see you soon. Don't know when we will be back, but I will let you know. Love ya xoxoxoxoxox