Friday, August 15, 2014

I went and saw the movie "The Giver" tonight. Wow. It was well done.  GO SEE IT!
While reading the book <like five years ago> I kept likening it to The Garden of Eden. Tonight- the same thing kept running around in my mind.  In the Garden, Adam and Eve didn't experience pleasure because they didn't know pain. It was only because of the Fall, that allowed them to feel, to love, to learn, to grow, to progress.
 In the movie,  the GIVER is like our Heavenly Father. He gives us experiences and opportunities to "save us." To become like Him. Sometimes the opportunities or  "memories" He has in store are painful. We cry. We hurt. We are lonely. We are sick. We want it to be over....BUT. We FEEL. We love. We have Faith and Hope.  He is the one wanting us to TRUST not only IN HIM, but to TRUST HIM. 
The relationship between the Giver and Jonas was built by trust. He was slowly showing Jonas memories and experienced the joys and pain with him.  Our Savior, Jesus Christ is also our GIVER. Our Advocate. He has been through the depths of despair and pain and hell.  He knows what its like. He KNOWS.  He hurts when we hurt. BUT....He also is there in the sunsets,  in children laughing, in the sweet smell of summer, in everything that is good. Yep. HE is there with us. Anyways, I just wanted to share my little thoughts. Go see the movie!  Its ALMOST as good as the book!


Chandra said...

So basically, Meryl Streep is Satan! Haha. I love that Heavenly Father wants us to experience the good (and the bad) so we are not just floating through life. What kind of life would that be anyway? I loved the movie, too and was thinking of the Garden of Eden and the temple the whole time. :)